Clubs and Activities:

IUS offers its students many opportunities to try new things, pursue interests and be a part of a group.

  • Art
  • Creative Connections
  • Debate Team
  • Future Business Leaders
  • Future Educators
  • Gymnastics
  • Homework
  • Honor Society- Junior and National
  • Honors Choir
  • Jazz/Rock Fusion
  • Music
  • Pokemon/Bakugan
  • Robotics
  • Running
  • School Newspaper
  • Scholars for Success
  • Student Council
  • Technology
  • Video Production
  • Yearbook

SHOWCASE Illuminations (link):

DoDDS Europe Student Anthology website for art and literature. This website that is linked above includes work from all 81 schools in DoDDS Europe. It includes a virtual museum, searchable art and literature gallery, a demonstration area and is accessible 24/7.

Middle School Intramurals:

FOOTBALL/101: drills, fundamentals, instruction, games, etc., on the nature of the game for both beginners and more advanced players. 
GOLF: for all skill levels, fundamentals and basic instruction on how to chip, putt, and drive the ball.
JOGGING: come out and go for a nice jog, open to all skill levels wanting to jog in a group environement.

Model United Nations

Designed to mirror the major operations and functions of the United Nations and the role of diplomacy in the organization. The major political, economic, and cultural concerns of Asia, Africa, the Americas, Europe, and the Middle East will be studied with major emphasis on assigned countries. Student delegates will have the honor of traveling to Dublin, Ireland in April.

Model United States Senate

Is an extracurricular club whose goal is to train students to participate in role playing activities that simulate the American legislative process. Students are assigned to research issues and protray US Senators who represent specific points of view from the political spectrum. Through practice and competitions, the students learn and experience in depth all facets of the legislative process. Our students enthusiastically prepare for participating each year in the European MUSS meet which always proves to be a once in a lifetime experience.

Junior Science and Humanities Symposium

This program invites high school students to conduct an original research investigation in the sciences, engineering, or mathematics, and to participate in a regional symposium sponsored by universities or other academic institutions. This year Incirlik Unit School will be enthusiastically represented by ten students whose projects and research efforts have met the qualifications for participation.