At Incirlik, athletics plays an important role in helping students to lead active healthy lifestyles while giving students an outlet to compete. The coaching staff at Incirlik is creative in building self-esteem and promoting teamwork. The Athletic department has developed a relationship with host nation schools to compete with as well as squadrons to play for weekly competition. In Incirlik, there are a variety of sports offered during different seasons to allow students to achieve the maximum performance not only in the classroom but on the courts/fields as well.

During most seasons, we offer both team and individual sports. The fall consists of girls and boys volleyball, girls and boys tennis and co-ed cross country. The winter season is a busy time with most of our students participating in a sport. The winter season consists of boys and girls basketball, wrestling, and cheerleading. The spring season is a small yet competitive group with boys and girls soccer. Most sports compete with in country rival Ankara before traveling to European championships in Italy or Germany.

At the European Championships, Incirlik students compete against other DoDDs schools in each sport. The travel to the championship is limited in numbers and is considered an honor for our student-athletes to participate in. The development of relationships with other schools and the cultural advantage that our students get to participate in is an amazing reward for hard work and dedication both on and off the court/field.

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